Hey YOU,

yes you. If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re dehydrated. Three fourths or 70+% of Americans are and they drink well below the recommended amount of water. We have a joke around our office that we only drink enough water because our Director of Business Development Eugene reminds us EVERY DAY to “drink water.” But even that’s hard for us (a health and wellness company) and when you add kids, family, meetings, other beverages, after school activities, working out, the list goes on, how does anyone drink enough water? Who has the time?

This is how: Our body needs water. After all, we’re made up of over 60% water. The best way to drink enough water is access, the more access around you and your employees, the more likely you will be and those you manage will drink the recommended amount of water. Whether it is always having a water bottle (hopefully reusable) with us or having water fountains that are easily accessible or even having a “water champion” in the office like Eugene is for us.

Let’s brainstorm on how you can provide water options for your employees: Contact Us

We found a great pod cast by UFHealth about this exact topic: (click here)

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