Onsite Wellness Is Critical. Why? Reach. Convenience. Engagement.

Onsite wellness is important for a number of reasons:

  1. Reach: The best place to reach your employees is the one place they have a singular focus. WORK. They are less likely to think about other things while at work and more likely to stop and think about themselves.
  2. Convenience: Your employees are less likely to have to pick up the kids, don't have to cook dinner, go on a date, go to the gym or do any of their other life activities while at work.
  3. Engagement: You have your employees attention while at work and if you can convince them it's a value add, you'll have higher engagement than if they go at it alone at home.
  4. Improved Physical Health: Onsite wellness programs can help employees improve their physical health through activities such as fitness classes, healthy eating options, and ergonomic workstations.
  5. Increased Productivity: Healthy employees are typically more productive, have better attendance and are less likely to miss work due to illness or injury.
  6. Reduced Healthcare Costs: Onsite wellness programs can reduce healthcare costs by encouraging employees to adopt healthy lifestyles, reducing the need for medical treatment and time off work.
  7. Improved Mental Health: Onsite wellness programs can also benefit employees' mental health by providing resources such as stress management classes, meditation rooms and mental health days.
  8. Enhanced Company Culture: Onsite wellness programs can contribute to a positive company culture, promoting a supportive and healthy work environment.
  9. Attraction and Retention of Talent: Onsite wellness programs can also be used as a tool to attract and retain employees, particularly among younger generations who prioritize work-life balance and wellness.

In summary,

onsite wellness programs can have a positive impact on both employees and employers, improving physical and mental health, productivity and company culture.

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