It’s simple.

Thank you Nurses.

We’re not sure what we would do without you.

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has unfolded over the last few months, it feels like a dream or more like a nightmare. The news headlines have made it difficult for the general public to discern how concerned they should really be, and so the attempts to “flatten the curve” have been made. People have rushed to stockpile food, TP, and other essential items, swept up in making sure they have “enough”. In the urgency of it all, we’ve forgotten to thank the people at the center of it all: our brave Nurses.

The nursing profession has long been charged with the noble, awe-inspiring, messy, and exhausting work of caring for the sick and suffering. Nurses have the enormous privilege of carrying the burden of preserving human dignity amid uncertainty. Together with their colleagues and amazing care teams, nurses meet and care for people when they are weakest– bringing hope to what, in some cases, may be the worst day of their lives.

This wouldn’t be possible without you, our Nurses.

Nurses Week 2020 – Thank you Nurses!

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