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Work place wellness programs create a culture of wellness! (if you didn’t already know that)

Workplace Wellness Programs Study

My personal conclusion:

This study was multifaceted and contained a couple different data points. The fact is, most decision makers and wellness facilitators (or insert whatever you call your “wellness person”) are chasing ROI and medical cost savings as their primary goal of workplace wellness. What if we, instead of chasing the money, chased a culture of wellness within the workplace? We know that could be a utopian way of looking at things, BUT even a little wellness or employee introspection creates or starts to create a culture of wellness within the workplace.

Study conclusion:

“Cost savings from the program have not been calculated though funds from the premium surcharges pay for the cost of the wellness programming and surplus funds are allocated to a “pool to offset costs of medical expenses.” Interviews with employees and organization leaders reveal that programs have helped create a culture of wellness, particularly among executive leaders.”

Full study: https://www.dol.gov/sites/dolgov/files/EBSA/researchers/analysis/health-and-welfare/workplace-wellness-programs-study-case-studies-summary-report.pdf

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