Effect of a Workplace Wellness Program on Employee Health and Economic Outcomes

A Randomized Clinical Trial

Key Points

Question: What is the effect of a multi-component workplace wellness program on health and economic outcomes?

Findings:  In this cluster randomized trial involving 32 974 employees at a large US warehouse retail company, worksites with the wellness program had an 8.3-percentage point higher rate of employees who reported engaging in regular exercise and a 13.6-percentage point higher rate of employees who reported actively managing their weight, but there were no significant differences in other self-reported health and behaviors; clinical markers of health; health care spending or utilization; or absenteeism, tenure, or job performance after 18 months.

Meaning:  Employees exposed to a workplace wellness program reported significantly greater rates of some positive health behaviors compared with those who were not exposed, but there were no significant effects on clinical measures of health, health care spending and utilization, or employment outcomes after 18 months.

Full article: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2730614

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