Health and Wellness Professionals... Do you want to grow your network? Start locally.

New to the health and wellness industry? Came from another industry? Just graduated from college?

I'm sure you are passionate, ambitious and full of excitement. Ready to change the world! Right?

How do you change the world:

Start locally. You're probably thinking "But I want to change the world!" You have to start somewhere, right? First start with social media then start local. Sound too simple? Start by creating profiles with all of the major social media networks such as sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Then connect with professionals and potential customers in your industry on this platforms but after that, start locally.

But now?

Grow your network by joining groups that bring health and wellness professionals together as well as potential customers in your local area. These groups commonly meet quarterly then usually have an annual meeting, you'll not only grow your network of professionals but you may also have direct access to potential customers.

In our home office market, Tampa Bay we have organizations like the two below:,h_86,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/397_WCOTB_color_logo.webp

Wellness Council of Tampa Bay


From their website:

About Us

With over 700 members, the Wellness Council of Tampa Bay (WCTB) is currently the only corporate wellness networking and educational organization in the Tampa Bay area.

The WCTB aims to create networking and educational opportunities to its members through dynamic presentations at each quarterly and annual meeting, online resources, monthly email updates, and much more.

Mission Statement

To provide a network for corporate health and wellness professionals to improve the health of the greater Tampa Bay area through collaboration, resource sharing and strategic planning.

Tampa Bay Association of Health Underwriters


From their website:

About Us

The Tampa Bay Association of Health Underwriters (TBAHU) was established in 1985, chartered by the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU).  TBAHU is a professional association whose membership is comprised primarily of insurance agents and brokers, insurance company representatives and third party administrative representatives.

TBAHU is a local chapter of NAHU, founded in 1930 in Arlington, VA.  Members participate in local, state, and federal legislative ad public policy development that is of mutual interest to our clients, the consuming public, our membership, and to our industry.  We also offer programs conducive to the professional and educational development of our membership.

We are a local organization of approximately 150 employee benefit professionals who are located throughout Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco counties in the state of Florida.  Our corporate sponsors are key partners in helping TBAHU provide quality services and products for our membership, clients and consuming public.





Both of these organizations contain health and wellness Professionals, and potential customers, in our local Tampa Bay, Florida market.

How do you find organizations like this?

Search online, social media and or ask other professionals to see if you have something similar to the above organizations in your area.

They offer a chance to grow your network locally, expand your knowledge of the industry and to connect with those who have a vested interest in the Health and Wellness Industry. Once you've grown your network locally you can start to move out to other markets, states and then countries! Changing the world is within your grasp, if you take the right path.

Here's an idea:

Connect with one or both of the organizations above, especially if you don't have something similar in your local area. Maybe you can learn from them and start a local chapter or something similar?


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