What to Expect During aBiometric Screening

The solution to your biometric screening needs

Biometric screenings provide vital health information for your employees and deliver an insight into your employee’s overall health.

In just ten minutes, we can complete a wide range of standard health and wellness screenings and even deliver their results, right then and there.

Onsite Biometric Screening Services Include:

  • Full Lipid Panel (cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides)
  • Blood Glucose
  • Cotinine Testing
  • Body Composition (height, weight, BMI, body fat percentage, waist circumference)
  • A1c, PSA, TSH, cotinine, and many other lab tests
  • Venipuncture or finger stick options available

On-site biometric screenings provide immediate feedback about your employees’ risk for diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and other chronic conditions. Combined with quality health education, the screening experience can be a powerful motivation toward positive lifestyle changes.

What to expect at a HWP biometric screening event

Watch the YouTube video to experience a biometric screening event with us

Biometric ScreeningsInclude

Dedicated Account Manager

Each biometric screening event is assigned a dedicated account manager that is focused on your event from start to finish. The account manager is there to walk you through the event and to ensure that it’s a successful event for you and your employees.

Promotional Materials

You will receive promotional and marketing materials to use for your event. With the marketing tools we provide, you can easily engage employees and create the culture of wellness each workplace should have.

Appointment Scheduling

Every biometric screening event has a customizable online or paper-based appointment scheduling system. Scheduling screening appointments keep the event running smoothly and helps your employees get back to work without waiting.

Expert Health Education

At the end of the screening process participants receive a results review from our highly knowledgeable medical technicians. Each participant gets a copy of his or her results from the screening with an educational guide that explains what all the screening tests and results mean.

Data Collection Team

Our data collection team members are all HIPAA Compliant Officers. Most companies have one HIPAA compliant officer, but we think anyone who handles Private Health Information (PHI) should be an expert on HIPAA laws and guidelines. Our data team ensures the highest protection on your PHI.

Aggregate Reporting

We provide detailed and year-to- year aggregate reporting upon request. These reports provide you with a deeper look at your overall workplace health. Onsite clinics must have had a certain number of participants for us to create these special reports, per HIPAA.